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100 Blue Ridge Drive, McCaysville, GA

Toccoa Cigar & Pipe

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We are a small cigar and pipe shop located inside the Riverwalk Shops in the beautiful town of McCaysville, GA. Cigar brand owner and aficionada, Anya Ramirez, fell in love with the North Georgia mountains while on vacation with her family, and this love lead her to make the decision and move to the area and open the store. Anya's cigar journey started in 1998 and has spent over 20 years not only smoking, but also learning about the tobacco industry and the process of cigar making. With a grab and go concept, Toccoa Cigar & Pipe, offers a variety of boutique cigars and some popular premium cigars as well; pipes and pipe tobacco, and all accessories needed for the beautiful art of smoking. We also offer male grooming products and accessories. Come and visit us soon!

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Carlos Gonzalez
Customer Reviews - #1
"Look no further than Anya, a seasoned cigar maker and connoisseur, for the ultimate cigar experience. Her wealth of knowledge and extensive years of experience make her the perfect guide in selecting the ideal cigar. Nestled in a stunning cigar shop, Anya curates a collection of exceptional yet lesser-known cigars in the market. If you find yourself in the McCaysville area, I highly recommend paying a visit to this local gem and supporting Anya's passion for cigars. From the moment you step into her beautifully designed lounge, you'll be greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Anya's... Read More
Anya Ramirez

Anya Ramirez

Owner and CEO of Toccoa Cigar & Pipe and 37Th Street Tobacco Co.

Come and visit us soon!

We are located inside the Riverwalk Shops
100 Blue Ridge Drive, McCaysville, GA 30555
Sunday-Monday 11:00 AM — 4:00 PM Thursday thru Saturday 11:00 AM — 5:00 PM Tuesday-Wednesday- Closed